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We are venturing into the unknown with an experimental range of brews! The range will use new ingredients and brewing techniques to create a number of limited edition beers.

The beers will be collectively entitled ‘How Do I love Thee? Let Me Count the Beers’ as a twist on the first line of the original Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sonnet 43 verse and inspired by her life and works.

Each brew in the range will produce upto 40 casks only and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

The first in the new line will be Hope End, a rum-infused ginger pale ale inspired by the Barrett family’s history of owning sugar plantations in Jamaica and named after the estate in Hertfordshire which they bought with the resulting fortune.

Hope End will be a natural beer, at ABV 6.2% per cent, made to an original recipe without finings to ensure it delivers an intentional hazy look in the glass.

It is available for the pub trade to pre-order now in 9 gallon casks, on a first come, first served basis,  and we expect deliveries to begin in early April.

Further releases in the How Do I love Thee? Let Me Count the Beers range will be made throughout the year.

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Paul D-

Paul Daniels is just confirming what we already know – that the  Sonnet 43 beers really are magic!

The master entertainer was one of the headline performers at the recent South Tyneside International Magic Festival which – along with two sell-out shows for the public – brought magicians from as far afield as Hong Kong and the USA together for a convention.

We pulled a rabbit out of a hat when asked to provide some of our superb brews for the delegates – apparently magic is very thirsty work!

The word is that our beers went down a storm which proves we also have a trick or two of our own….

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