What Is In a Name ? November 19, 2012

Sonnet 43 is proudly brewed in Coxhoe, County Durham. As well as being the birthplace of the brewery, Coxhoe is also the birthplace of 19th Century poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  The name Sonnet 43 originates from the poem of the same name, which features the well know line “How do I love thee, let me count the ways”. As every drop of Sonnet 43 beer has been hand crafted with care and attention, we have taken the love of the poem and interpreted this for our love for all things ale.  So much so, we have even written our own love poem (sonnet) for beer.

This time to me is a quiet release,

It’s a hug and a handshake, a break and belief.

In gathering together with people we trust,

We all take a moment to remember and fuss.

Sit back and smile and wonder -

Stand up and laugh about blunders.

Lean a bit closer and gather round beer,

Making a case that you all have to hear.

“Another”, is cried from across the bar,

It’s gusto, it’s guts, it’s all taste and heart.

So, create those moments around you,

When building big plans with a nice view.

Bring me a sonnet, a song, and my wallet,

I love it when beer is the right brew.

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